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Of all the many species of conifer, Brewer's spruce is often considered to be the most beautiful. ..

The American native shrub, common buttonbush, develops striking pincushion-like flower balls of iv..

Eucalyptus saligna is a tall tree, 30-50 m in height, with a diameter at breast height of up to 2 ..

The fragrance of an old-fashioned lilac in bloom is aromatherapy at its finest. European in origin..

This sweet cherry is among the most universally enjoyed of all tree fruits. It is believed to have..

Noble, majestic and impressive in form and stature, the Atlas cedar is one of the most heat and dr..

Blooming profusely in summer with yellow and maroon daisies, the Dyer's or golden tickseed is a ta..

Exceptionally cold hardy and boasting extremely fragrant spring flowers and pretty fall foliage, E..