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Tsuga chinensis is an evergreen Tree growing to 45 m (147ft 8in) at a slow rate.It is hardy to zon..

A mature bald cypress is a wonderfully regal tree. This tall, upright, deciduous conifer has exqui..

They are attractive trees with deciduous glossy pinnate leaves. Develops a smooth gray bark that r..

Providing spring to fall interest with its handsome ferny leaves, the Ural falsespirea is particul..

A decidious Shrub growing to 2m at a medium rate. It is hardy to zone 5. It is in flower from May ..

Siberian Spruce (Picea obovata) is a spruce native to Siberia, from the Ural Mountains east to Mag..

This plant is suitable for growing indoors or in containers.The Persimmons are a long lived tree a..

Known for its conspicuously shedding bark, shagbark hickory is a large deciduous tree from eastern..