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Common box is a dense, rounded broadleaf evergreen shrub grown for its glossy green foliage and ne..

A decidious Tree growing to 7 m (23ft). It is hardy to zone 3 and is not frost tender. It is in fl..

Heather is a small, evergreen shrub most associated with the open, acidic moorlands of northern Eu..

A remarkably tough and tolerant plant, silver buffaloberry has silvery gray-green foliage and red ..

Spicebush is a large early-blooming deciduous shrub with fragrant leaves that turn golden yellow i..

Magnolia Liliflora ia a medium size magnolia with pyramid shape. Blooms in April and has the the m..

Datura wrightii or Sacred Datura is the name of a poisonous perennial plant and ornamental flower ..

This cypress, apart from its elegant growth, is interesting as being the only species of Cupressus..