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This is a very fine plant ideal for growing in marshy soil or as a pond marginal in water up to 12..

A tough, spined, upright arching shrub native to western China that reaches a maximum height of 4 ..

Native to temperate areas of the Northern Hemisphere, tufted hairgrass is an upright, open cool-se..

Blue giant hyssop is a strongly aromatic, drought tolerant, erect perennial native throughout the ..

Attractively cloaked in deeply lobed leaves, hops produces pine-scented flowers that are widely us..

Providing spring to fall interest with its handsome ferny leaves, the Ural falsespirea is particul..

One of the best small deciduous trees for year-round display, this native of Northeast Asia is pri..

Picea meyeri is a species of spruce native to Nei Mongol in the northeast to Gansu in the southwes..