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The beautiful and ubiquitous Japanese maple is a small, deciduous tree native to eastern Asia. Its..

Bearing feathery quills of golden flowers on tall erect stems, this clump-forming grass is native ..

Kalopanax pictus is a large deciduous tree, usually growing 40-60 feet tall under cultivation. As ..

Rose mallow is a Missouri native plant which typically occurs in wet soils along ponds and sloughs..

This short-lived perennial can really take the heat and blooms effortlessly all summer. A native of..

Pyramidal shape as it matures - a nice formal planting. Has bluish green foliage whose tips turn ..

Large, spreading deciduous shrub with pungently scented, three foliate leaves and small green flow..

European mountain ash is a small to medium-sized, rounded, deciduous tree native to Europe, Siberi..