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This medium-sized evergreen tree from Asian uplands is notable for its long, handsome pine needles..

Illuminating the fall landscape with golden yellow needles, golden larch reaches skyward with its ..

As winter fades the small fragrant white or blue flowers of the sweet violet carpet the woods of sou..

Bearing feathery quills of golden flowers on tall erect stems, this clump-forming grass is native ..

A mature bald cypress is a wonderfully regal tree. This tall, upright, deciduous conifer has exqui..

A well known medium-sized tree that flowers very early in spring and has bright autumn leaf colour..

Vigorous and summer-blooming, Rose-of-Sharon is a large, deciduous shrub that originates from Asia..

Sand lovegrass is a tall bunching grass with a pleasing weeping foliage habit, and tall stems of s..