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Popular ornamental tree, valued for its drought tolerance. It is also grown particularly in cool s..

Hibiscus laevis, commonly called smooth rose mallow or halberd-leaved rose mallow, is a Missouri n..

Bear Grass looks like a grass, but really belongs to the lily family. Its olive-colored, grass-lik..

Some old-fashioned bedding annuals never fall out of fashion because they are reliably beautiful a..

Casting dense shade with its spreading, vase-shaped canopy, Japanese zelkova has handsome bark and..

Spanish cedar (Cedrela odorata) is a leaf-bearing tree native to tropical regions of the Western H..

Seeds collected in Oct 2019 in Shandong, province of China. The Paulownia Hybrid 9501 is the hybrid..

Hibiscus is a large genus consisting of more than 200 species of herbaceous plants, trees, and shr..