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Extraordinary orchid-like blossoms make this tropical tree one of the most beautiful available. Or..

Very rapid spreading, very tall perennial native to China and Japan. Plants are good for the backs ..

Intersting smooth green and gray bark and the large, tropical-looking leaves of Chinese parasol tr..

Large, spreading deciduous shrub with pungently scented, three foliate leaves and small green flow..

A magnificent, large fir. Mature trees display many, highly attractive, violet-black cones in the ..

A muscular evergreen conifer, China fir's needled branches are slightly drooping and bear greenish b..

Despite the common name, Cornelian cherry is actually a dogwood. This deciduous, multi-stemmed shrub..

Pseudotsuga menziesii var. glauca of the Rocky Mountain region is a medium-sized to large tree. It..