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Italian cypress is a narrow, columnar evergreen tree native to western Asia and southern Europe. Its..

A magnificent, large fir. Mature trees display many, highly attractive, violet-black cones in the up..

Fortunearia is a deciduous shrub or small tree that is native to forest areas in central China. It..

Prairie rose is a spreading, Missouri-native shrub (to 4' tall) or climber (to 15' tall with support..

Attracting both birds and human eyes with its white and blue-violet fruits, silky dogwood is a gre..

Eucalyptus alba, or white gum, is a species of Eucalyptus which is native to Australia, Timor, and..

Named for its delicate, hand-shaped, compound leaves, five-leaf akebia is a fast-growing, semi-everg..

Marsh mallow plants or Althaea officinalis grow wild in marshy areas in the mid-Atlantic. This har..