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River Sheoak is a highly successful, tall, narrow evergreen tree that will grow on many various si..

Often called the most beautiful flowering tree in the world, royal poinciana fills its spreading, ha..

Big bluestem is an rugged, clump-forming perennial grass that makes a dense clump of leaves and ta..

Philadelphus lewisii is a medium-sized deciduous shrub grown for its late-spring to early-summer d..

This native of China, Korea and Japan is a small deciduous tree with a broad, spreading habit. It ..

Leatherleaf viburnum is an upright broadleaf evergreen that adds interest to many shaded parts of..

Kindly regarded as one of the world's most beautiful and modest of shade trees, the katsura tree h..

A popular snakebark maple for small gardens, since it grows rapidly in its early years and then se..