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Chinese juniper is a variable evergreen tree or shrub native to China and Japan. The needle-like o..

lossy, simple, Alnus-like leaves make this Asian native an unusual mountain ash species relative t..

Formosa Sweetgum has a wide, pyramidal shape when young but eventually grows to a rounded or irreg..

Big bluestem is an rugged, clump-forming perennial grass that makes a dense clump of leaves and ta..

Northern sea oats is an upright growing ornamental grass native to the eastern United States and n..

Showy, attractive shade tree with conspicuous fall color and decorative, red male flowers and fema..

Crimsoneyed rosemallow is a wonderful hardy hibiscus for large summer gardens. This semi-woody spe..

Scotch pine is a variable evergreen conifer native to the temperate Old World and widely cultivated ..