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This small, very long-lived and slow-growing pine is perfectly adapted to dry, high altitude mount..

Tall and upright with spreading branches covered in flaking gray and tan bark, London plane tree i..

Prized for its brilliant fall foliage that colors reliably even in mild or desert climes, this Chi..

Hibiscus laevis, commonly called smooth rose mallow or halberd-leaved rose mallow, is a Missouri n..

Of all the many species of conifer, Brewer's spruce is often considered to be the most beautiful. Al..

A large hawthorn worth growing for its edible fruit as well as for its ornamental attributes, this..

Cold-hardy (zone 5) perennial wetland plant that can grow in large colonies. The hirsute leaves a..

The vigorous, large-growing hybrid Siberian crabapple covers itself in mid-spring with pink-tinged..