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Collected in January 2019 in Lithuania (North Europe, zone 5b).A mature, symmetrically rounded cat..

The beautiful, fruit-bearing North American persimmon is a deciduous shade tree native across much..

Tall and upright with spreading branches covered in flaking gray and tan bark, London plane tree i..

Renowned for the powerful apricot fragrance of its flowers, this broadleaf evergreen shrub or smal..

Black alder is a medium-sized, fast-growing, deciduous tree native to Europe, western Asia, and nort..

Big bluestem is an rugged, clump-forming perennial grass that makes a dense clump of leaves and ta..

Sometimes listed as Acer tataricum, Amur maple is a small, low-branched, deciduous tree native to ..

Very fresh seeds collected in Nov. 2018 in Shantong, province of China. The Paulownia Shan Tong is ..