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This juniper is native to western North America, in the United States in Arizona, New Mexico, sout..

Juniperus osteosperma (Utah Juniper) is a shrub or small tree reaching 3-6 m (rarely to 9 m) tall...

A very tall, spire-like evergreen in the wild, the Pacific silver fir remains much shorter and mor..

Nordman fir is a striking evergreen tree that originates from Asia Minor along the southern reache..

Densely filled with spiny branches and three-lobed leaves, hardy orange also bears lemon-flavored,..

A versatile and adaptable shrub or small tree, this native of the southeastern United States is valu..

About 60 species of woody, tendril-climbing vines make up the genus Vitis. These deciduous plants ..

Widely planted and naturalized in its native tropical America and in many other warm regions of th..