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A very ornamental plant. The Jeffrey pine may live 400 to 500 years and can attain immense size. I..

A tough plant that adapts well to urban conditions. Not particularly showy, but easy to grow and e..

Collected in January 2019 in Lithuania (North Europe, zone 5b).A mature, symmetrically rounded cat..

Soothing dark green foliage is one asset of the amur maackia, additional qualities of bronze bark ..

It is likely that no native American evergreen is more prevalent in the North American landscape. ..

Oleander is a tough Mediterranean shrub that thrives where summers are dry and hot. It is a large,..

They are attractive trees with deciduous glossy pinnate leaves. Develops a smooth gray bark that res..

A decidious Shrub growing to 3m by 3m at a medium rate. It is in flower from September to October...