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Known for its distinctive beauty as well as culinary and ethnobotanical history, sassafras is an a..

If you need a flowering shrub to fill a garden location where other shrubs fail to prosper, try the ..

Lathyrus tuberosus, also known as the Tuberous Pea, Tuberous Vetchling, Earthnut Pea, or Aardaker,..

Known for its conspicuously shedding bark, shagbark hickory is a large deciduous tree from eastern..

English hawthorn is a small, low-branched, round-headed deciduous tree from Europe. It bears showy..

Paulownia elongata is a species of plant in the Paulowniaceae family. It is used as a forestry tre..

Southern wax myrtle is an evergreen large shrub to small tree native to moist location in the United..

Livistona chinensis is also known as Chinese fan palm or Chinese fountain palm. It is sometimes na..