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Although having lovely green foliage, the desert false indigo's habit find few gardeners in love w..

Those who know this tree know it is anything but heavenly. Tree-of-heaven is a pervasive, aggressive..

Dahurian larch is a deciduous conifer that is native to northeastern Siberia. Bright green needles..

Akebia is a genus of approximately five species of woody climbers native to China, Japan and Korea..

Used in traditionally Chinese medicine for centuries, all parts of this handsome, fast growing tre..

The largest of the cherries, this fast-growing, medium to large deciduous tree is valued not only ..

Pseudotsuga menziesii var. glauca of the Rocky Mountain region is a medium-sized to large tree. It..

General aspect and origins - Diospyros lotus, also known as date plum, is a decidious tree that is..