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This juniper is native to western North America, in the United States in Arizona, New Mexico, sout..

Loblolly pine is among the most stately native pines of the U.S., where it is native from New Jers..

The northernmost representative of the otherwise tropical fruit family, Annonaceae, pawpaw is belo..

Large in size but not as towering as many other firs grown, needle fir has rich green foliage that..

Tree native to the highlands of Mexico. It does not stand long periods of temperatures as low as –..

English ivy is a hardy, evergreen vine or groundcover. As a vine, it attaches itself by aerial roo..

A decidious Shrub growing to 2m at a medium rate. It is hardy to zone 5. It is in flower from May t..

An evergreen Tree growing to 45m at a fast rate. It is hardy to zone 10. It is in leaf all year, i..