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An elegant, tough, and shade-tolerant broadleaf evergreen, this Northeast Asian native is often as..

Eucalyptus alba, or white gum, is a species of Eucalyptus which is native to Australia, Timor, and..

Pretty, pearl-white blossoms that rival those of a crabapple fill the spreading, open branches of ..

This ancient deciduous tree has large crown composed of sparse branches covered with interesting l..

A magnificent, large fir. Mature trees display many, highly attractive, violet-black cones in the up..

Elderberries are large deciduous shrubs native to Europe, Asia and northern Africa. They are grown..

The carob tree offers deep shade for warm, dry climates. It is native to the eastern Mediterranean..

English hawthorn is a small, low-branched, round-headed deciduous tree from Europe. It bears showy..