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Formosa Sweetgum has a wide, pyramidal shape when young but eventually grows to a rounded or irreg..

Euonymus atropurpureus (Eastern Wahoo or Burning Bush) is a species of Euonymus native primarily t..

Showy cloud-like clusters of fragrant ivory blossoms cover this hardy and highly variable Chinese ..

It grows quickly when young and slows to a mature height of about 40’ under cultivation. The crown..

A tall, pyramidal tree with somewhat drooping and contorted branches, the Japanese larch has finel..

Casting dense shade with its spreading, vase-shaped canopy, Japanese zelkova has handsome bark and..

Little bluestem is a clump-forming, warm-season, deciduous grass native to central and eastern Nor..

Comprising some 50 tree species from cool areas of the Northern Hemisphere, firs are used worldwid..