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Schisandra chinensis is a deciduous Climber growing at a medium rate.It is hardy to zone 4 and is ..

The Showy Mountain Ash is fast growing and often planted as an ornamental due to its lovely flower..

Renowned for its mammoth cones, this evergreen tree grows to gargantuan heights in its native haun..

Balsam fir is a tall coniferous evergreen tree native to the northeastern fifth of the United Stat..

The olive tree is a native of the chaparral regions of the Mediterranean where the oil from its fr..

The beautiful and ubiquitous Japanese maple is a small, deciduous tree native to eastern Asia. Its..

Delicate and pretty with snowy white flowers in mid- to late spring, Siberian crabapple also bears..

Despite the common name, Cornelian cherry is actually a dogwood. This deciduous, multi-stemmed shrub..