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A very ornamental plant. The Jeffrey pine may live 400 to 500 years and can attain immense size. I..

Chinese juniper is a variable evergreen tree or shrub native to China and Japan. The needle-like o..

it is culinary edible bean that is cooked or fried before use, with both astringent and diuretic p..

Tolerant of shearing, pollarding and hard pruning, hedge maple is a densely branched deciduous tre..

This is a very fine plant ideal for growing in marshy soil or as a pond marginal in water up to 12..

This rare tropical and stunning member of the Magnolia family is evergreen tree getting between 25..

This is a tough shade tree that grows in a wide range of soils. This tree may be used as a lawn tr..

It is a deciduous shrub growing to 4-5 m tall. The bark is gray and rough and has a scaly texture...