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Oriental Spruce (Picea Orientalis) 10 seeds

Oriental Spruce (Picea Orientalis) 10 seeds
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Many consider this one of the loveliest of all spruces. Oriental spruce is a hardy coniferous evergreen that originates from the temperate regions across Asia Minor. It has a neat pyramidal habit and reaches a moderate to large size when mature, though it is quite slow growing.
It has short, glossy, dark green needles that are four-angled and densely packed along the stem. In spring, new candles of growth appear that are medium green and tender until they toughen up. The dense branches cover the tree from top to bottom and may be horizontal, slightly ascending or slightly drooping. It has male and female cones that appear in spring and persist until mature. The small male cones are initially oxblood red and later turn to brown. The larger pendulous female cones are elongated and turn from deep purple-red to brown. Its dark brown exfoliating bark is attractive but usually masked by the dense branches.
Oriental spruce requires full sun and is tolerant of a wide range of well-drained soils. It can even tolerate poor soils and periods of drought. This tree is sensitive to high winds, so be sure to plant it in moderately protected sites. (source:

Genus - Picea
Species - Orientalis
Common name - Oriental Spruce
Pre-Treatment - Not-required, but recommended
Hardiness zones - 4 - 9
Height - 20 m
Plant type - Medium Tree
Vegetation type - Evergreen
Exposure - Full sun
Growth rate - Slow
Soil PH - Acidic, Neutral
Soil type - Clay, loam, sand, well drained
Water requirements - Average, drought tolerant
Landscape uses - Feature Plant, Mixed Border
Germination rate - 81%
Leaf / Flower color - Dark Green / --

Useful Info
Germination1. Soak the seeds in room temperature water overnight.
2. Keep the seeds in refrigerated, soil-filled zip-lock bags for 2-3 months after the initial soaking, a process that mimics the natural dormancy period they would experience during winter months in the wild. Some experts recommend this method, and others say seeds may be planted immediately after soaking. If soaked seeds are not kept in soil, they may be refrigerated for up to 14 days before use.
3. Place a 3-inch layer of dry soil, such as peat moss or clean sand, in a small vase. Bury spruce seeds 1/4-inch below soil. Cover soil with mulch layer. Keep the vase in a partially shaded place. Water occasionally, so that the soil is always slightly moist.
4. Seed will sprout in three to eight weeks. For one year, keep seedling in partially shaded place. Water occasionally, so that the soil is slightly moist.
5. After one year, transfer the seedling to a gallon-sized vase or larger, maintaining a balance of dry, clean soil and mulch. The seedling may now be kept in full sun. Continue watering occasionally, so that soil is slightly moist. (info source: